'The Journey' - A New Initiative by Tom Smarte

The Journey

Today sees the launch of a new initiative by Tom Smarte.

Over the last few years, there’s been a growing disconnect between what we know to be right and what’s happening around us. There’s a dystopian mood at the moment and, without realising it, we’re swept along feeling powerless to change direction. In isolation, it’s almost impossible to affect that change.

So, for months, we’ve been discussing, assessing, planning and collaborating with like minded brands, musicians and artists to change the way we create. It’s a subtle shift that, with everyone working together, will make the impact we all wish to see.

How does that relate to Tom Smarte? Well, rather than making collections in our own little bubble, we’re embarking on a series of collaborative projects creating headwear, clothing and accessories with others, with genuine purpose and fairness.

The fashion industry has historically been responsible for creating huge waste for no good reason other than to produce something fast and cheap for unsustainable growth.

At Tom Smarte we want to turn this on its head. Rather than create waste, we’ll re-use it by crafting our designs from off-cuts and surplus materials that naturally occur when making clothing and accessories. Our new initiative also means that to help further reduce waste, we will only make what is needed. So rather than seasonal collections, there will be a series of limited editions with small production runs. No overstocks, no reserve inventory, no clearance sales or Black Friday promotions.

We may not have the influence to change the world, but we can try to improve our part in it.

Join us on our journey.